1.1.The ZOTAC CUP EUROPE ("ZCE" or "Competition") is a sports competition regulated and managed by WarLegend and ZOTAC GAMING.


2.1.Eligibility to participate

2.1.1.The player must be at least 13 years old at the time of the start of the competition;

2.1.2.The player must have credentials to access their Epic Games, Discord and WarLegend accounts;

2.1.3.The player must register for the tournament through WarLegend with his team and download the client and enter the Discord used for communications;

2.1.4.Player must be of nationality or residence within the geographical borders of Europe (Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary,Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

2.2.Slot properties

2.2.1.There are no limits to the number of participants in the Competition;

2.2.2.Each team participating in the Zotac Cup Europe must consist of 1 player


3.1.Zotac Cup Europe - October

3.1.1.The Competition will have the following characteristics:

SOLO Arena format;

3 days of play;

3 game phases divided into Open, Semifinal and Final;

5 matches for each phase;

First phase "OPEN" for all users registered for the tournament through WarLegend;

Second phase "SEMIFINAL" accessible to the TOP 500 players reached in the previous phase;

Third phase "FINAL" accessible to the TOP 100 players reached in the previous phase;

Point System:

o Victory Royale: 7 Points;

o 2°: 6 Points;

o 3°: 5 Points;

o 4°: 4 Points;

o 5°: 3 Points;

o 6°: 2 Points;

o 7°: 1 Points;

o 8°: 1 Points;

o 9°: 1 Points;

o 10°: 1 Points;

o 11°: 1 Points;

o 12°: 1 Points;

o 13°: 1 Points;

o 14°: 1 Points;

o 15°: 1 Points;

o 16°: 1 Points;

o 17°: 1 Points;

o 18°: 1 Points;

o 19°: 1 Points;

o 20°: 1 Points;

o Each Elimination: 2 Points.


4.1.Entrance into the Lobby

4.1.1.Each player must enter in the Official Discord of the Competition;

4.1.2.Participation in the matches of each phase of the ZCE must be carried out through the use of WarLegend which will distribute the personalized keys.

4.2.Disconnection during a match

4.2.1.This infraction occurs when a player disconnects from a game or match in progress. A match is considered to have started at the exact moment the Battlebus enters the map.

4.2.2.After the start of a match, if a player leaves the game lobby, he will be considered defeated and will be assigned a position in the ranking following that of the last defeated or disconnected player.

4.3.Pauses between matches

4.3.1.Each player is required to show up at the start time of the match. For this reason, it is recommended to take a break (including going to the bathroom) between one round and the next. In the event that a player is absent for the start of a match, there will be no possibility of recovery of the match.

4.4.Prize pool

4.4.1.The ZCE will have its own total prize pool of 5,000 $ which will be split as follows:

1.Place: 1.500 $

2.Place: 1.200 $

3.Place: 900 $

4.Place: 350 $

5.Place: 350 $

6.Place: 350 $

7.Place: 350 $

4.5.Tournament Streaming

4.5.1.Each player can live stream during the tournament (any social platform is allowed) but a 3 minute delay (180 seconds) must be set;

4.5.2.Each player can live stream during the tournament (any social platform is allowed) must write in the title of the stream ZOTAC CUP EUROPE.


5.1.Integrity of the competition

5.1.1.Players are required to always play to their fullest potential in every match of the competition and to avoid any behavior contrary to the principles of sportsmanship, honesty or fair play. Violating this rule will incur penalties at the discretion of the competition organizers. All decisions regarding these violations are at the sole discretion of the organizers. The examples below are listed for illustrative purposes only;

5.1.2.Collusion, defined as cooperation or conspiracy to cheat or deceive others. Cooperation or conspiracy can take place between players and / or organizations, and is carried out for the sole benefit of the parties involved in the cooperation or conspiracy. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:

Agree in advance to divide prize pools and / or any other form of compensation;

Send or receive signals from external sources, electronic or otherwise, to / from a player during live events;

Voluntarily losing a game for remuneration, or for any other reason, or inducing a player to do so;

5.1.3.Hacking, defined as any unauthorized modification to the Fortnite game client, the use of any cheating device or program, or a similar method of cheating;

5.1.4.Exploiting, defined as intentionally exploiting any bug in play to one's advantage;

5.1.5.Ringing, defined as playing with another player's account or forcibly requesting to do so;

5.1.6.Intentionally logging out without a right reason and appropriately and explicitly reported;

5.1.7.Any other action that violates these rules and / or standards set by the competition and the organizers;

5.1.8.A player may not use language that is obscene, abhorrent, vulgar, offensive, threatening, violent, libelous, defamatory or in any objectionable way, or promote or incite hatred and discrimination during competition, within or near the playing area, at any time;

5.1.9.A player may not use any facility, service or equipment provided or made available by

the Competition organizers to post, broadcast, disseminate or generally make available prohibited communications.;

5.1.10.A player may not use this type of language on social media or during any event in front of an audience;

5.1.11.A player may not perform any action or gesture towards an opposing player, a fan or the ZCE organization that is offensive, derisive, disruptive or excessively hostile;

5.2.Responsibility subcode

5.2.1.Unless otherwise stated, offenses and infringements of these regulations are punishable, whether they are committed intentionally or not. Attempts to commit infractions or offenses are equally punishable;

5.2.2.Harassment is prohibited. Harassment is defined as systematic, hostile and repeated acts that take place over a considerable period of time, or as a single outrageous incident, both intended to isolate or ostracize a person or and / or affect their dignity.;

5.2.3.Sexual harassment is prohibited. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances. The assessment is based on whether a reasonable person would consider the conduct as unwanted or offensive. There is zero tolerance for any sexual threat or coercion or the promise of advantages in the face of sexual favors;

5.2.4.Players may not offend the dignity or integrity of a nation, a single person or a group of people through words or actions that are contemptuous, discriminatory or disparaging on the basis of race, skin color, ethnicity, nationality or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason;

5.2.5.Players may not give, make, publish, authorize or endorse any statement or action that has, or could have, a detrimental or deleterious effect on the best interest of Zotac Gaming, WarLegend or its affiliates or Fortnite as determined to solely and absolute discretion of the organizers of the Competition;

5.2.6.If the Competition organizers determine that a player has violated the Code of Conduct, the Fortnite Terms of Use or other rules of the game, the Competition organizers may assign penalties at their sole discretion. If a player is contacted by a Competition organizer to discuss an investigation, the player is obligated to tell the truth. If a player withholds information or deceives a Competition organizer by creating an obstacle to the investigation, then the player himself is subject to a penalty.;

5.2.7.A player may not be involved in any activity which is prohibited by law, applicable regulation or agreements, and which may lead or can reasonably be expected to lead to conviction in any jurisdiction or competent court;

5.2.8.A player may not disclose any type of confidential information provided by the competition organizers or any affiliates, through any communication channel.;

5.2.9.No player may refuse or fail to implement the reasonable instructions or decisions of the competition organizers;

5.2.10.No player can offer, agree, conspire or try to influence the outcome of a match or series in any way that is prohibited by law or this regulation;

5.2.11.No player or organizer of the Competition may take part, whether directly or indirectly, in betting or gambling on any result of the ZOTAC CUP EUROPE.


5.3.1.Any person found or attempted to be involved in any act that the Competition organizers believe, in their sole and absolute discretion, constitutes foul play will be subject to penalties. The nature and extent of the penalty imposed due to these acts must be at the sole and absolute discretion of the organizers of the Competition;

5.3.2.As soon as any player who has committed a violation of these rules is discovered, the organizers of the competition may assign the following penalties:

Verbal warning (“WARNING”)

Loss of matches or series of matches


5.3.3.Repeated infringements will be subject to harsher penalties, up to, and including, disqualification and the inability to participate in future ZOTAC GAMING tournaments. It is noted that these penalties may not necessarily be imposed sequentially. The competition organizers, at their sole discretion, may disqualify a player for a first episode of offense if his action is deemed outrageous enough to be worthy of disqualification by the competition organizers.


6.1.Competition organizers have the right to publish a statement regarding player penalty. Any player named in this statement hereby waives the right to legal action against ZOTAC GAMING and / or any parent company, subsidiary, affiliate, employee, agent or freelancer due to the publication of the aforementioned statement.;

6.2.All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, the eligibility of the players to participate, the planning and organization of the Zotac Cup Europe and the penalties for misconduct, are solely in the hands of the organizers of the Competition, whose decisions are irrevocable;

6.3.This regulation can be corrected, modified or supplemented by the organizers of the Competition, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the official competition.